The GoGedders Get Bashy

by Katy Martin

1 year ago

Over the course of last weekend, GoGeddit officially participated as a vendor in our first community event! Bay View Bash 2017 was a no-brainer as our pioneer venture into the streets. Not very far into the streets, seeing as our booth was directly in front of our office. Baby steps, baby steps…

A quick head count revealed that between weddings, birthdays and parole hearings (jk…), only the design/development team was going to be able to attend this one. After some brainstorming, we decided a demonstration on coding a website might not be the most engaging activity for our audience. Also, we heard Karli Kloss was unavailable that day. Luckily, we do have some tantalizing skills on our team, boasting our very own resident screenprinting expert, Tyler. He led the way for novices, Joe and I, and we each came up with Bay View themed poster designs featuring our own personal styles.

After a minor setback, which I don’t want to talk about so stop asking, we decided it would be an innovative and exciting adventure to print the posters LIVE at the Bash! A decision all around we don’t regret, even if it turned out to be 125 degrees that day. We had some bumps, such as tearing one of our screens almost immediately and just all around being newbs, but things did go surprisingly smoothly.

It was wonderful to see the excitement when people walked up to find out what on earth we were doing and how it related to our company (which it didn’t). It was even better to see how stoked they got when they discovered we were selling the posters for only five bucks! People were also curious about what we do at GoGeddit, and being located right in front of our office really helped give us a presence in the community as we explained. Joe will boast he handed out multiple business cards.

Another fun thing we decided to do was create some Snapchat filters from my reject poster designs. Snapchat filters are a low-cost way to gain brand exposure, especially during large events. Two filters and 25 dollars garnished nearly 15 thousand people seeing our logo via Snapchat, which is less than half a penny per view. Not a shabby way to get our name out there!

With summer coming to a close, this was a fantastic way to wrap up the season. GoGeddit being such a small company, it’s awesome to make these memories and milestones within the inclusive community of Bay View.