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The Project Goal

Trek was looking for a new platform to tell inspiring stories about people riding bikes. So we helped Trek develop and launch an international podcast to tell these stories. On the Better With Bikes podcast, Trek explores the inspiring, unknown, and behind-the-scenes stories of people changing the world with bikes — sometimes in ways you might not expect. From Brett Favre and Bo Jackson to Jens Voight and Mads Pederson, we have been able to reach new audiences with these inspiring stories.

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Jolana Neff’s interview

Instagram Video

At GGMM, we think of podcasting as much more than audio. Just as important is all the great content you can create using the podcast itself as a long-form content anchor. In this Instagram video, we take a soundbite from Jolana Neff’s interview and mix in b-roll that the Trek team already had to make the video more engaging. This clip racked up over 48k views on Instagram, and the episode has over 9,300 downloads. Multiply that by the average listen time of 80%, and Jolanda was in people’s ears for over 313,000 minutes. That is the power of branded podcasts!

Video Snippet

How much does a World Champion eat at McDonald’s?

How much does a world champion cyclist eat when he goes to Mcdonald's in the offseason? Don't be fooled by his appearance; he throws down well over 3,000 calories. We were so impressed that we had to add a calorie counter and supporting graphics to the video. It is important to do that to hold the audience's attention in podcast videos. One of the great things about podcasting is going deep with guests and discussing topics they aren't used to discussing--that only you can bring out. Trek has done a great job of this throughout the Better with Bikes podcast, and we love being on as the producer and content creator.

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