Alternate Paths After High School | Sam Lister & Vlado Zrnic

by gabe

by gabe

4 months ago

Episode 46: Alternate Paths After High School | Sam Lister, Vlado Zrnic

If you attended a four-year college, chances are, you had a “What am I learning this for?” moment. Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m not downplaying the value of a university education. It certainly has major perks, and I (like most people) soaked up a bunch of knowledge and made invaluable connections during my time in school.

It seems heading off to college after high school is just routine now. Kids go through the admissions process because they’ve been told by parents and teachers that it’s the only route to go. But what happens when someone zooms out a bit, takes stock, and decides to buck the system?

Cost is a big factor, and with the huge amount of tutorial-style information available online, students are choosing to learn on their own instead of attending a technical college or four-year university. These students opt to make connections on their own, leveraging their social media prowess to reach out to those who can offer support.

Richie sat down with Sam Lister and Vlado Zrnic, two recent high school grads who are going about things a different way. They’ve both chosen to forego a traditional schooling path, and are off to a solid start. We’ll talk about why they made that choice, the challenges and benefits they’ve been presented with, and—of course—all things Milwaukee.

The moral of the story? We all learn differently, and everyone takes their own path. While heading to college may be the best route for most people, others may find a less traditional approach to schooling is the way to go.