Jon McGlocklin

by gabe

by gabe

8 months ago

Episode 43:

Mr. Buck

Though he’s Hoosier-born, Jon McGlocklin is nothing short of a Milwaukee legend. Actually, he’s just “not short” in general. Take it from me—I met the guy.

His life story is incredibly eventful, and full of reinvention and change. A born basketball player, Mr. McGlocklin—also known as Mr. Buck—grew up in what he calls “basketball heaven.” As a young man, he narrowly avoided deployment to Vietnam, found his way to Milwaukee, and after a successful basketball career, co-founded Bando McGlocklin and later, The MACC Fund. Along the way, he’s reimagined himself more than a few times, and a man with so many experiences certainly has the interesting stories to go along with them.

Listen in to this week’s episode of The GoGedders Podcast, and we’ll dig into Jon McGlocklin’s life story, how he’s adapted to a career after the NBA, and how he found his true calling helping others.