Milwaukee’s Latino Community | Griselda Aldrete and Austin Ramirez

by gabe

by gabe

2 months ago

Milwaukee’s Latino population is its fastest (and only) growing segment. There are many great initiatives happening in the community, but there are still many challenges that the group must face.

The education and prosperity gaps for the population are the largest in any US metropolitan area, and students are having a difficult time both in Milwaukee Public Schools and in their transition to collegiate learning.

There’s also a lot of uncertainty around the new US immigration policies. Yet, the community is incredibly resilient, upbeat, and strong. And, any way you slice it, Milwaukee’s young Latino population is the most important piece of the city’s future.

Griselda Aldrete and Austin Ramirez are two incredible local leaders who affect positive change in the Latino community. They face these challenges head on by giving students a place to turn for help, ensuring they have supplemental support in college, and acting as a voice to combat these issues.