Denise Thomas and Bobby Kraft

by Tyler Hahn

by Tyler Hahn

8 months ago

Ep. 42: #MeToo

Let’s face it—we’ve all experienced that “oops, shouldn’t have said that” moment. Whether it was at work, to someone at a bar, or even to a loved one, everyone’s accidentally offended someone, pushed a bit too far, or said something that would’ve been better left unsaid. And that’s okay. It happens.

But when it comes to making people feel sexually uncomfortable, that’s an entirely different story. To be frank, that sort of behavior is just gross, and has no place in the workplace (or anywhere else, for that matter). The recent resurgence of the #MeToo movement has encouraged victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault to speak up, and it’s placed our everyday conduct under the microscope.

For most, it’s a welcome change. Gone are the days of “locker room talk”. But now that we’re hyper-cognizant of our daily actions, a lot of questions are popping up. How far is too far? How lightly should we tread?

Denise Thomas is the perfect person to answer those questions. You could say she’s an effective communicator—in fact, she’s so effective that she runs her own business around the principle, aptly named The Effective Communication Coach.

According to Denise, it’s all about reading people and using your intuition. But above all, it’s about being open and honest, and not being afraid to just have a conversation. So, Denise asked her personal friend, Bobby Kraft, to come on The GoGedders Podcast with her and tackle some issues.

Because they’re close friends, Denise isn’t afraid to say, “Bobby, you’re a white man. Tell me what you think.” And it pays off. It’s exactly the kind of directness you’d expect from The Effective Communication coach herself. Quite honestly, it’s refreshing, and it’s the kind of conversation you always wish people would always have with one another.

From dating in the workplace, reading people’s nonverbal cues, using your voice to stand up for others, and beyond, listen in to this week’s episode of The GoGedders Podcast to hear about all things #MeToo and more.