The History of Koss Headphones | Martin Moore and Michael Koss, Jr.

by gabe

by gabe

4 months ago

Ep. 48: The History of Koss Headphones

Welcome to our first ever micro-episode!

Martin Moore and Michael Koss, Jr. from Koss Headphones dropped by the studio to say hey to Richie.

If you recall, Koss gave us some studio headphones a while back, and we’ve been buds with them ever since. They wanted to see how their equipment sounded in our setup, so they popped on the headphones and got on the mics.

The three got to chatting, and Michael Koss got into how Koss was founded. It made for a neat Milwaukee story, and thus, our first micro-episode was born!

We’ve got tons of cool people coming into our space all the time, so if you (our listeners) like this kind of thing, please let us know!

Reach out to with any feedback or guest suggestions, and let us know if you like this shorter format! We could crank stuff like this out more often if you’re up for it.