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01 Digital Traction

AccuTrans had been a thriving business before we started working with them, but although they delivered a great product to their current customer base, they struggled to get any traction online. They had run Facebook ads in the past but saw no traction and relied solely on word-of-mouth.
Web Design + Development

02 Goals + Implementation

Off the bat we realized AccuTrans needed a light brand refresh and a new site that would speak directly to its target audience, generate leads and position AccuTrans as a leader in the industry before spending any more money on online marketing. We ended up creating a brand and marketing strategy to focus on their core transportation business while also promoting the retail side of the business (weddings, outings, events, etc..) and did a light rebrand from AccuTrans MKE to AccuTrans Group representing their ability to take on clients anywhere and came up with the main message “World Class Transportation for Any Occasion”. Once the site was complete we implemented a sales funnel optimized for driving leads through Google search, email and Facebook advertising.
“I knew winning online was important to grow my business so I reached out to Richie and his team at GoGeddit. They went above and beyond completing the digital marketing project on time and really changed how we talk about and present our business to potential clients. I have been very happy with their work and the results and feedback we have gotten since launching have really spoken for themselves.” - Matt Carrol (Accutrans CEO)

03 The Results

The results of the campaign have been very successful, converting site visitors from the SEM campaign into leads at a staggering 48%. Accutrans closes about half those leads which has led to an extremely profitable campaign that we look forward to building on in the future.