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Atkinson Candy Co.


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01 Candy Crush

Atkinson Candy Company, the 90-year old maker of nostalgic candy brands like Chick-O-Stick, Slo Poke, Mint Twists and Sophie Mae Peanut Brittle, had national brick and mortar distribution in stores like Wal-Mart, Walgreens, HEB, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, but was struggling to grow online sales. Its website was overly complex and not focused clearly enough on their e-commerce platform. The path to purchase was not streamlined and the product imagery was outdated. Their rich brand story was muddled and downplayed.

02 Implementation

GGMM realized that Atkinson Candy’s website needed a cleaner, simpler site focused on e-commerce that could tell their brand story and make it easier for end consumers to buy their favorite candy direct from the factory. We re-shot their inventory and rebuilt their website, incorporating an entirely new navigation structure and visual style. We eliminated numerous barriers to the point-of-purchase, reducing the number of necessary clicks by half.

“The new site GGMM put together has helped us significantly reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase online sales. We’ve gotten numerous compliments on the new site from customers and brokers alike. The marketing GGMM did for us has been extremely effective and has had a measurable impact on seasonal sales and in target geographies.” – Sarah Atkinson