Blizzard Lighting

Blizzard Lighting


Blizzard Lighting


  • Brand Identity
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Packaging
  • Email Marketing

01 Brick & Mortar to Online Shop

Over the years we have served as Blizzard’s outsourced marketing team helping them grow through social media channels, email marketing and doing their design and product packaging.

Although they were growing year over year at a steady rate, they were selling strictly through brick and mortar retailers and sales reps and had a difficult to manage site with no ecommerce capabilities. Understanding the importance of winning online Blizzard decided to dive into ecommerce and have the ability to go direct to consumer.

02 Logo Design

Working with Blizzard, we were tasked with creating identities for their line of DJ lights. Each product had to work within the brand personality but also set itself apart from each other. The result was a large variety of different identities entwined with stellar package design.

03 The Platform

Blizzard’s site was built on the liquid-powered, ecommerce platform, Shopify. The site boasts 300+ skus, a Customer Rewards system, and a custom developed product cataloging system.