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If you are looking for a team to help you stand out and help your business grow you are in the right place.

We listen, we are adaptable, easy to work with and have the combined skill sets to take your marketing to the next level. From working with global brands to small businesses and practicing what we preach by using podcasting and digital marketing to generate leads for GGMM everyday we can be a great partner for your business.

Richie Burke

President & Founder

Richie Burke is founder and CEO of GGMM (GoGeddit Marketing and Media) a marketing agency that helps brands including Trek Bicycle, Colliers International, Thrivent Financial, Komatsu, Marquette University and many more grow through services including podcast production and marketing, brand strategy and digital marketing. He is the co-founder of PodFest MKE and regularly speaks on digital marketing, storytelling and podcasting. He is also the host of The GoGedders Podcast, a local Milwaukee podcast which is syndicated by OnMilwaukee, has run over 100 episodes to date and generates 10k downloads per month.

Veronica Havard

Director of Operations

Veronica Havard runs the day-to-day operations at GGMM and is here to ensure all projects are on time, on budget, and exceed client expectations. Previously, Veronica worked with Bradley Corporation to update processes and rehaul their recruitment process before joining GGMM.

Alex Moehn

Senior Strategist

Alex Moehn is a digital marketing ninja, Senior Strategist at GGMM and a podcast aficionado. He has launched podcasts for brands such as Trek Bicycle, Marquette University, Colliers International, and more. As the creator and host of the Cream City Pacers, a podcast for runners by runners, Alex captures the stories of runners to grow the Milwaukee running culture. Prior to joining GGMM Alex spent time at Briggs and Stratton as a Digital Marketing Coordinator and at the Milwaukee Bucks where he implemented marketing automation and helped the Bucks win the NBA Digital Innovator of the year award 3x.

Myranda Lope

Senior Designer & Developer

Myranda Lope is a seasoned professional when it comes to design and development. Coming from a technical design background, Myranda has worked on major projects in multiple fields such as health care, law, and the food industry. Her background from a fast-paced agency lifestyle has well equipped her to bring forth smart and strategic branding as well as high quality website development.

Jesse Paucek

Content Producer

Jesse Paucek is our multimedia specialist, with knowledge and insight on the latest techniques and technologies in audio and video production. He is a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin- Madison, where he graduated with a degree in Communication Arts. Jesse focused his studies around media production, taking courses and seeking opportunities that developed his camera and editing skills, earning himself a certification in Digital Media Production. He is stoked to be a part of the GGMM team and is looking forward to further developing his skills.

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