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If you are looking for a team to help you stand out and help your business grow, you are in the right place.

We listen, are adaptable, easy to work with, and have the combined skill sets to take your marketing to the next level. From working with global brands to small businesses and practicing what we preach by using podcasting and digital marketing to generate leads for GGMM every day we can be a great partner for your business.

Richie Burke

President & Founder

Richie Burke is the founder and CEO of GoGeddit Marketing and Media (GGMM). In other words, he is the visionary behind GGMM. He dreams big and strives to accomplish the unexpected. It is with these values that GGMM has taken on brands such as Leinenkugel’s, Colliers International, Johnson Financial, Komatsu, Marquette University, MSOE, and many more. He is the co-founder of PodFest MKE and the host of The GoGedders Podcast, a podcast syndicated by OnMilwaukee, which includes over 175 episodes since launching in 2016 and has generated over 210k downloads since 2019. He regularly speaks on digital marketing, storytelling, and podcasting. On the side, he is a #DogDad to GGMM mascot Oakley. He would also like to go on the record and say, “he did podcasting before it was cool.”

Veronica Havard

Director of Operations

Veronica Havard is the backbone of GGMM – she does everything. At the risk of making this bio too long, we’ll just say she runs the day-to-day operations and ensures all projects are on time, on budget, and fulfill client goals. She is a pro at turning big ideas into tangible results and staying organized while doing it. She is goal-driven and helps to keep the company focused on its long-term vision. No challenge is too big to tackle, even those that many would shy away from. P.S. If you’d like to get into a healthy debate on the Oxford comma, her email is [email protected]

Myranda Lope

Senior Designer & Developer

Myranda Lope is a seasoned professional when it comes to design and development. To say she is multi-talented is an understatement. Coming from a technical design background, she has worked on significant projects in multiple fields such as healthcare, law, and the food industry. Her experience from a fast-paced agency lifestyle has well equipped her to bring forth smart and strategic branding and high-quality website development. And most appreciatively, she has the ability to break down complex topics into a digestible format.

Lyndsey Hass

Account Lead

Lyndsey Hass is a wiz at turning a simple concept into extraordinary content. She facilitates communication between GGMM and our clients, assuring that projects remain in scope and result in content that goes above and beyond expectations. Before working full-time at GGMM, she worked as a freelancer managing clients in fields such as healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, and private consulting. Her “gogedder” attitude lends the ability to find out-of-the-box solutions.


Pawcaster in Chief

Oakley is our official greeter, Pawcaster in Chief, and Captain of Team Morale. Outside of the office, he enjoys long walks, checking out local breweries and patios as well as attempting to eat socks and golf balls against his parents’ wishes.

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